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Holistic education not only in class, but as a way of life.
Aiglon College places a focus on a three pillared programme of personal development for all students. Mind, Body and Spirit. 

They utilise their independent and active learning environment to produce balanced, inquisitive students who are equipped with the tools to succeed.
Aiglon's teaching staff have a community relationship with our students. Available 24/7 during the week, our teachers combine learning support and pastoral care to truly make Aiglon College into a family. 
Flexible education with a focus on personalised education pathways
Students participate in a personalised course of study that includes the IGCSE and International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes seven days a week.
A school experience influenced by its location in the mountains
Teachers and students alike pursue academic excellence and physical challenges in tandem, making the most of their unique holistic education lifestyle.
We encourage out of the box thinking and broadening horizons
Aiglon's daily development programme gives their students licence to explore their own understanding of the world, lead by daily morning meditation.

Nicola Sparrow

Head of Aiglon College

"At Aiglon College, the guiding principles are balancing the development of the mind, body and spirit. For us, it's all about that word balance - that’s the most important thing…"

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